Stefano Bellotti ‘Semplicemente Vino Rosso’

Stefano Bellotti ‘Semplicemente Vino Rosso’ – yet another one of this maverick’s wines that ensures tireless drinkability and comfort. A simple but simply delectable blend of Barbera and Dolcetto; full and sapid yet uncomplicated. The grapes are grown on a limestone and clay mix, fermented in large oak vats and stored in wooden barrels. Initially grappling with one’s nose are a delightful array of red fruits, ripe and vibrant. A wonderful freshness emerges from a wild herbal mid-palette- thyme and sage delicately tickling the tongue. Brooding cracks of black pepper and subtle purple-hued flowers precede the relief of salinity. A lengthy and invigorating finish spreads an inevitable smile across one’s face. In his own words, this is “pasta’s best friend.”

Stefano Bellotti was a pioneer in all respects of the word. Having left Genoa in late adolescence, he returned to the farm bought by his parents post-war in Novi Ligure. At a time when Italy’s agriculture was dominated by chemicalisation and industrialisation, his Cascina degli Ulivi was staunchly rejecting these methods. Completely self-sufficient, he combined his closed vineyard with a plethora of livestock, orchards and grains. By 1981 he was working organically and was introduced to biodynamics in the mid-80s. This is to say that an art of healing was promoted across all vineyards; biodynamic preps were crafted to encourage microbial activity. Furthermore, he developed a rotation system whereby certain rows of vines were left untouched to encourage revitalisation. This is a figure who shall be immortalised by both the charge he led in shifting the axis of Italy’s agriculture and his humble viticultural prowess.

Stefano Bellotti ‘Semplicemente Vino Rosso’ – unfortunately, September 2018 saw the untimely and tragic passing of Stefano Bellotti. His daughter Ilaria has dutifully taken up the mantle and shall undoubtedly continue to maintain the great Bellotti name.

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