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A Taste of Puglia

by | Jun 8, 2021

A Taste of Puglia

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Events, L'Atitude-at-Home, Past Events

A Taste of Puglia

Taste PUGLIA with us! Friday 11th June

We’re headed to Italy’s heel this week – to beautiful Puglia with its sandy beaches, azure seas, ancient towns and of course its stunning food and wine.

It’s a region that’s often overlooked by tourists who favour Sicily or Tuscany, but it has as much to offer. With its 800km of coastline, you are rarely far from the sea in Puglia. 

Viticulture is deeply rooted here, but until quite recently most of the grapes produced in Puglia were used to bulk out or add sweetness to wines produced in the rest of Italy and France. Today, Puglia produces some excellent wines of its own and has been gaining kudos as a serious wine producing region over the past few years. 

There’s one part of Puglia in particular that has captured our imagination – at the feet of the Gargano mountains in Northern Puglia, vines grow amidst white rocks which jut out everywhere – these Kimmeridgian limestone soils are similar to those found in Burgundy and the resulting wines are as elegant and light as any I have tasted in the better vineyards in northern France, despite the scorching Puglian sun.

As part of Progetto Calcarius in the town of Apricena, Valentina Passalacqua makes avant-garde natural wines. Combined with the salty air from the Adriatic Sea, and careful early picking, the Calcarius wines are ethereal, vibrant and extremely easy to drink. A true reflection of the elegant terroir of the region. 

For this week’s box, we have chosen Calcarius’ Hellen Rosso – a delicious red made from Nero di Troia grapes. Lovely dark berry fruit, Mediterranean herbs and a saline finish – this wine gives pure joy! 

Not only is Puglia responsible for a large portion of Italy’s wine, it also produces much of the country’s olive oil and many famous Italian recipes and cheeses have their origins here, so we are salivating at the prospect of this week’s box of Puglian goodies! As usual we have chosen a selection of our favourites to pair with this week’s wine. Join us on our Puglian adventure! 

€50 for 2 ppl. Orders to info@latitude51.ie  by midday Thurs. Collection Fri 11th from 5-6.30 #jointhejourney