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A Taste of Auvergne

by | Jun 1, 2021

A Taste of Auvergne

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Events, L'Atitude-at-Home, Past Events

A Taste of Auvergne

Taste THE AUVERGNE with us! Friday 4th June.

Our journey this week takes us deep into the wildest part of France: The Auvergne. A beautiful region of hills and dormant volcanoes, valleys, forests and rivers where the hustle of city life is something unknown, and where time seems to move at a slower pace, and where a handful of winemakers quietly go about their business making understated, but beautiful wines that are a true expression of the volcanic soils they grow on. 

If you mention visiting vineyards in the Auvergne to most people you might receive bemused looks. “The Auvergne is for camping, not wine-tasting”, they might say. Indeed, it is better known for its cheeses, politicians and even rugby, than its wines. But the Auvergne has a long winemaking tradition, which was almost wiped out by the arrival of phylloxera. However, the determination and passion of a group of winemakers has breathed new life into the region and today the Auvergne makes some of France’s most exciting wines. 

Jean Maupertuis is one such winemaker. A former computer scientist, Jean always loved wine, so bought a small parcel for fun in 1992, and started the legendary Domaine de Peyra in 1995 – bottles of which are highly sought after collector’s items. Today he makes charming, vibrant wines and is a bit of a natural wine legend in the Auvergne.

We are delighted to share one of his wines with you in this week’s box. Les Pierres Noires is a delightful gamay with raspberry, sour cherry and pomegranate flavours and distinct smoky notes, expressive of the volcanic soils. 

To know the traditional dishes of Auvergne is to understand the region itself. Food is inextricably linked to the land, which is steeped in farming traditions, creating hearty dishes to help locals through the harsher seasons as well as lighter fare perfect for picnic-ing in the scenic countryside. Its cheeses are amongst the finest in the country. We have chosen a selection of our favourite recipes and foods from the region for this week’s box so you can create your own Auvergne picnic at home – if the weather permits!

€50 for 2 ppl. Orders to info@latitude51.ie by noon Thurs. Collection Fri 4th June between 5 and 6.30pm.