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A Taste of San Sebastian

by | May 4, 2021

A Taste of San Sebastian

by | May 4, 2021 | Events, L'Atitude-at-Home, Past Events

A Taste of San Sebastian

Fri 7th May – Taste SAN SEBASTIAN with us! (L’Atitude-at-Home Box orders by midday Thurs 6th May)

We’re off to San Sebastian and the Basque Country!
We’ve been holding off on this one for a while, patiently waiting for warmer weather to help transport you to the sunny terraces of San Sebastien, but we can wait no longer and are more than a little excited to bring you something delicious that screams of summer.
Txakoli (“CHAH-koh-lee”) from the steep coastal terraces of Getaria, is pure sunshine in a glass. Anyone who has been to San Sebastian will have experienced the spectacle of bartenders pouring this light effervescent wine from great heights into tumblers in an impressive uninterrupted stream (they do this to agitate the wine and wake it up). Or you may have tried it in L’Atitude – you might have noticed that we’ve been longtime fans of this Basque delight – although we still haven’t perfected the pour.
Txakoli literally means “homemade” or “farm wine,” and up until the 1980’s, was considered a vulgar drink. Today, it’s deemed more sophisticated thanks to its irresistible freshness and saline minerality. It has a devoted following amongst sommeliers worldwide as it’s an ideal aperitif, and due to its thirst-quenching, tingling acidity it’s immensely versatile and suits any occasion or food.
Most importably it’s a wine style that says, “Let’s have some fun.” And we’re even more excited as we’ve got our hands on the Rosé version for you to try. Made by organic grower Bodegas Ameztoi in the fishing village of Getaria, they produce delightfully crisp, light wines that are bottled with a little residual carbon dioxide to give the wines their signature natural spritz. This Rosado is light salmon-pink in colour, bone-dry and fresh with red fruit flavours leading to a crisp finish. Perfect for your Friday aperitif!
San Sebastian is home to countless Michelin-starred restaurants, over 200 pintxo bars, food markets and gourmet food shops – plenty to inspire us for this week’s box. We’re putting together a Pintxo box to enjoy with your Txakoli out on your own terrace. Just pray for the good weather to head our way!
€50 for 2 ppl. Orders to info@latitude51.ie by midday Thurs Collection Fri 7th May from 5-6.30 #jointhejourney

And we will be reciprocating this service for St Francis Provisions in Cork. Check out St Francis’ Menu for the week on their facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/stfranciskinsale. Order directly from St Francis on 083 0636879 and pick up on Friday evening in Cork.

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