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A Taste of Alsace

by | Mar 9, 2021

A Taste of Alsace

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Events, L'Atitude-at-Home, Past Events

Our virtual travels take us to Alsace with its quaint villages of brightly-painted, half-timbered houses and highly aromatic wines. Alsace is fascinating- no winegrowing region in France has changed more than Alsace, at least in terms of nationality.

Located in the far east of France, bordering Germany, Alsace has been invaded and repossessed many times. The last exchange took place at the end of World War II, when France reclaimed Alsace, yet it still feels distinctly German. Something that’s definitely evident in its wines. French in name, style and classification, but Alsace wines look and taste German.

The bottles are thin and flute-shaped, and the main grape varieties grown here, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc, are mirrored across the border in neighbouring Germany.

The emphasis is white wine, particularly Riesling, but there’s way more to Alsace, which is why we have chosen Pinot Blamc by Domaine Achillée as the star of this week’s box. An incredible white wine made by one of the wineries where the younger generation is causing a stir. Jean and Pierre Dietrich took over the winery from their father Yves in 2016, and have been working biodynamically since.

They make exceptional wines that are true to their terroir and this Pinot Blanc has been causing quite a stir since we introduced it in the shop. It oozes ripe yellow fruit on the nose and is mouth-wateringly zesty and fresh with riipe exotic fruit and pear and an energy that tickles the palate and sends a shiver down your spine!
We love Mondays as that’s when we get to explore the next region on our travels to seek out the favourite recipes thst will make up the tastes to pair with the wine. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to come across lost or forgotten recipes, which we try to incorporate into our boxes to give an authentic taste of the region.

This week’s tastes will include some of our Alsatian favourites. Email info@latitude51.ie by midday Thursday if you’d like to join our adventure. €50 box for 2 people. Collection Friday 12 Mar from 5 -6.30pm.

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